"Reality captured in narrative and inspiring imagery."

— Anna Groenia Fotografie

Why choose a storytelling photographer?


Images with emotion

I don't just capture the beautiful moments, but also the intimate and emotional moments that encapsulate the essence of your day. My photos narrate your story and allow you to relive the emotions every time you look at them


Discrete approach

I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible during your wedding. This allows you to feel more relaxed and spontaneous, enabling me to naturally capture your precious moments without making you feel like you're constantly being photographed.


Coherent Story

Instead of individual photos, I create a story with images that seamlessly connect to one another. This means the photos follow a chronological order, presenting the events of your day in a beautiful narrative form.


A different perspective

As a storytelling wedding photographer, I offer a unique perspective on capturing your wedding. I always strive to discover special and, most importantly, unexpected moments that other wedding photographers might overlook. This results in narrative images that capture your wedding in a distinctive way.